About us

Absolute filters - Made by Bloom

At Bloom Filtertechnologie GmbH, we are engaged in research-based development and production of innovative filtration systems modelled after nature.

The enterprise

Bloom Filtertechnologie GmbH was founded in the 2007. Since 2009, Bloom has been headquartered at the CeraTechCenter (CTC) in the ceramics town of Höhr-Grenzhausen near Koblenz. Proximity to research and educational institutes as well as the major institutions of the umbrella organization associated with the BFZK (ceramics education and research centre ) was also an important factor in choosing Höhr-Grenzhausen as the headquarters. Because most of our filters are made of glass or ceramic materials, we can make use of our advantageous location as an emerging European hub for research in technical ceramics.

Bloom absolute filters' outstanding and unique features, as well as enormous associated market volumes have given rise to sustainable, long-term strategic approaches for Bloom Filtertechnologie GmbH and its cooperation partners on a global scale too.