Absolute filtration

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Spheres hexagonal densest packing

The Bloom filter's decisive difference lies in its design. Each Bloom filter has an identical filter layer, irrespective of the filter fineness and employed material: It consists of calibrated spheres. The manufacturing process ensures that the spheres come together in a hexagonal arrangement permitting the densest packing.

A Bloom filter's separation limit, i.e. maximum absolute filter fineness is defined by the largest spherical particle which can pass through the filter medium. The relationship illustrated below then applies to the filter layer, which is made up of spheres of the same diameter.

Die Freifläche - 15,47% des Durchmessers der kalibrierten Kugeln

"Non-deformable bodies with a diameter greater than 15.47% of the calibrated spheres' diameter are reliably held back.

Accordingly, the spheres used to manufacture the filter layer must have a diameter of about 32 microns (0.032 mm), for instance, if a separation limit of 5 microns [0.005 mm] needs to be achieved."

(Dr.-Ing. Thomas Peters, expert appraisal, 2006. Consulting for Membrane and Environmental Technology, Neuss, Germany)

The sphere as a perfect form in the universe

The Bloom filter's design also uses the sphere's perfection to guarantee precise, reliable filtration and corresponding absolute filtration capacity.

"The (...) spheres' technical concept as regards the design of the filter layer and auxiliary layers is convincing. It allows very precise adjustment of filter pore size and distribution."

(Steinbeis Transfer Centre for Technology Assessment and Innovation Consultancy TIB, 2009)