Advantages & benefits

The virtue of diversity

Bloom filters are versatile and designed for use even under complex circumstances. We offer fully dependable particle filtration for waste water, industrial water and drinking water. To date, the Bloom filter is the only commercially available filter to offer dependable regeneration besides absolute filtration. It also eliminates the need for all consumables and filtration aids, some of which have to be disposed of as hazardous waste in compliance with the state of the art.

Advantages, customer benefits, and ecology

Advantages Customer benefits Ecology
  • Absolute filter
  • Freely scalable fineness from 5 - 50 µm
= Dependable product quality  
  • pH 2 – 13
  • Resistant from 0 – 200 °C
  • Significantly higher flow rates
  • Free filter area of approximately 20 %
  • More compact (footprint)
= Higher performance
= Lower energy consumption
= Lower space requirements
  • Dependable regeneration with diverse fluids and water vapour
  • Regenerable at up to 8 bar
  • Pulsating regeneration possible
  • Redundant layout possible
= Constant volumetric flow and lower operating costs = Lasting reduction in environ-mental pollution
  • No consumables
  • No downtimes due to regular filter changing
= Higher plant availability  
  • No filtration aids
= Lower costs  
  • No hazardous waste
  • Resource recovery possible
Faster amortization