Areas of application

Overview of applications

The Bloom filter is designed for industrial processing of fluids of all kinds and generally serves as a primary or particle filter during micro-/ultra-filtration and/or reverse osmosis in the areas listed next:

Waste water Process water Drinking water
Industrial applications:
  • Metal-working
  • Mining
  • Textile production
    and leather
  • Dyes
  • Paper
Sectors include:
  • Foodstuffs and
  • Metal-working
  • Chemical and
  • Power plants
  • Air-conditioning
    (heating and
  • Medical
Sources include:
  • Seawater
  • Surface and well
  • Brunnengewässer
Municipal applications:
  • Sewage
    treatment plants
  • Disposal sites
Process water
  • from well and surface water
  • Cooling water
  Fire-fighting water  

New cooperation partners

More than 100 applications presently come into consideration for the versatile Bloom absolute filters. Secure their unique features for yourself and your customers by becoming a cooperation partner.

If, as a plant engineer specializing in industrial processing of fluids, you want to benefit commercially from the Bloom absolute filter's unique features, your team already offers services and maintenance support in this sector throughout Germany, Europe or perhaps even worldwide while diligently maintaining customer relations, and you are keen to pass on the Bloom absolute filter's advantages to your customers, we look forward to hearing from you.

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