Characteristic & pressure curve


The pressure in the filter housing is used to operate the Bloom absolute filter in the overpressure mode and achieve a certain volumetric flow rate. It is a measure of energy input, i.e. the lower the pressure, the lower the energy consumption.

The following chart shows various Bloom absolute filters and the pressure curve (bar) in the filter housing as a function of flow rate in (m³/h). Each of these Bloom absolute filters has a filter area of about 550 cm² and individually scaled filter finenesses ranging from 12 to 23 microns (µm).

Bloom absolute filter characteristics

Filterkennlinie des Bloom Absolutfilters bei einer Filterfläche von 500cm2
Bloom absolute filter characteristics

The characteristics were recorded using tap water with a hardness of 1° dH, devoid of particles, and at a temperature of 20 ° C.