Environmental protection

Economy + ecology = Bloom

For long enough, the idea of environmental protection was associated with frugality and limitations. Now, Bloom absolute filters not only achieve environmental goals but also save money.

To promote conservation of natural resources and commitment to sustainable environmental management, we have set ourselves the goal of uniting ecology and economy in our filter systems. As a result, Bloom filters for the first time permit both economical and ecological operation in many areas of filtration. Our filters save consumables, filtration aids, energy, space and lots of water.

Sustainability for the future

"A global, strategic approach is of significance to all these considerations involving use of a backwash (...) filter with a separation limit of up to 5 microns. This means not only replacing the cartridge filter by one with a backwash capability, but also modifying the process and plant engineering. This saves investments and reduces consumption of water, chemicals as well as energy, thereby relieving the environment and contributing to sustainable, lasting ecological development.“
(Dr.-Ing. Thomas Peters, expert appraisal, 2006. Consulting for Membrane and Environmental Technology, Neuss, Germany)