Theory which has been proven in practice

As innovators and pioneers striving to realize a vision, we always find ourselves exploring uncharted territory with our technical developments. Innovation is not just a technical process, but also a mindset and an ambition to push the envelope and find new ways. A meaningful and profitable use of innovative technology is just as important as the way leading there:

Every innovation process is based on an exchange of ideas as well as a combination of diverse skills and competencies. cooperation with our partners as accompaniment and support for innovation processes is therefore extremely important.

On the way to the future of filtration

Together with our partners, we develop innovative products used in many different areas of fluid treatment. This includes joint development of systems for treatment of drinking water on ships, innovative ancillary process materials as well as fermentation residues from biogas plants. Other developments are planned, e.g. for medical technology and the food industry.

Bloom Filter Technologies and its cooperation partners are promoted by the "Otto von Guericke" Industrial Research Consortium (AiF) and the Society for Quality Assurance and Innovation Management / EuroNorm as project sponsors on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.

We collaborate worldwide with plant engineers offering solutions for concepts in diverse areas of fluid treatment as well as service and maintenance support for customers.