Seawater and drinking water

Drinking water

The Bloom absolute filter ensures reliable and absolute particle separation during processing of drinking water. Membranes situated downstream for further conditioning can be used safely as a result. The Bloom absolute filter reliably protects the expensive membranes from particles which could clog or destroy the surface of the membranes, thus lengthening their service life.

However, conditioning of water involves many steps before drinking quality is achieved. Drinking water can be obtained from wells, surface waters and even seawater.


Seawater can be conditioned on land or directly on ships. Reliable conditioning for production of drinking water is especially important on ships.

Jointly with our cooperation partner Grimm & Wulff (a plant and systems engineering company) as part of an R&D project, we successfully developed an efficient mechanical-physical, marine, pre-filtration facility for drinking-water conditioning. Scheduled to end in October, this project has successfully demonstrated that the Bloom absolute filter can dependably filter seawater - sometimes containing a high quantity of sediment - as part of coastal shipping. A further advantage: The entire system for conditioning seawater into drinking water is about 25% smaller and much more efficient.

After pending certification by Germanischer Lloyd AG, the first filters will be delivered to our cooperation partners.

Use of the Bloom absolute filter

In arid (dry) and semiarid (low rainfall) regions, desalination of seawater and brackish water for the production of drinking and process water has become indispensable.

Currently, about 40 million cubic meters of seawater are processed every day, the filtration capacity of desalination plants increasing daily by about 10,000 cubic meters. By the year 2020, this capacity is expected to have risen to 80 million cubic meters per day.

Particle filtration (pre-filtration before the membrane) today is performed mainly by means of filter cartridges, resulting in an annual consumption of about 8 million 40" filter cartridges. Bloom absolute filters are able to fully replace these consumable units.

We look forward to this promising market.

Global outlook for investment in water, wastewater and desalination infrastructure

Global outlook for investment in water, wastewater and desalination infrastructure
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