Swimming pools

Filtration in swimming pools

So far, preliminary filters for bulk materials have played the major role in conditioning swimming-pool water. However, newly employed membrane techniques offer improved possibilities of circulating water and simultaneously conditioning it so as to maintain water quality at an optimum. Though membrane processes will continue to serve as the key to innovation in this field, each membrane requires reliable pre-filtration to avoid being clogged or damaged by particles contained in the water. This kind of pre-filtration with Bloom absolute filters is the ideal first step toward maximizing membrane durability while saving enormous quantities of water.

A direct comparison between a 20 µm Bloom absolute filter and a bulk-material filter in a swimming pool showed that the Bloom filter achieved absolute filtration while the bulk-material filter only provided a nominal performance. Each filter was cleaned after 12 hours. Whereas the bulk-material filter needed 30 minutes for backwashing the particles, active regeneration of the Bloom absolute filter using compressed air was complete within one minute. In this process, only 5 litres of concentrate were discharged by the Bloom absolute filter, the bulk-material filter needing 5,000 litres of fresh water for backwashing.

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The Bloom absolute filter is therefore an ideal alternative to the bulk-material filter used for swimming pools. Its ability to reliably separate particles makes the Bloom absolute filter the choice for the future.

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