Patented technology

Patented Bloom filter - filtration of the future

Our basic innovation is the Bloom absolute filter, patented as a type defining filter because of its special design. It establishes a family of patented filters which is to grow in future as a globally protected brand.

The Bloom filter is a dependably regenerative filter designed for industrial processing of fluids of all kinds. As a particle filter, it can be for wastewater, process water and drinking water, and is intended primarily for pre-filtration prior to membrane filtration.

The main advantages of our Bloom absolute filter lie in the freely scalable filter fineness, the associated, absolute filtration accuracy, the high flow rate, as well as the omission of consumables and filtration aids, thereby resulting in massive cost savings for the customer.

For the first time, the Bloom absolute filter's unique features have enabled profitable yet ecologically compatible operation in a large number of applications.

"Just a few of these unique features already make the filter system suitable for use in diverse types of water and wastewater management as well as conditioning a variety of process fluids."

(Dr.-Ing. Thomas Peters, expert appraisal, 2006. Consulting for Membrane and Environmental Technology, Neuss, Germany)