Water as an economic factor

"Water is the basis for life per se. We need water for our personal consumption, food production, and manufacture of nearly all goods required on a daily basis. Without an adequate water supply, our life would be unthinkable."
(SAM study: "Water - the market of the future" 2010)

Water as an economic factor

Water will be a mega-trend in the coming years". "Whoever has water, has the power." These and similar titles have been seen on prestigious journals such as Fortune, which labelled water as the oil of the 21st century: "A gold mine for companies specializing in the cleaning of water."

In addition, global water resource management which has been in a critical state is expected to face more adversity yet in the coming years. Four main developments are evident here:

  • Demand for water continues to rise due to demographic trends
  • Infrastructure outdated in many places needs to be renewed.
  • Demands on water quality are rising.
  • Climate change is also leading to changes in water availability.

Water consumption and world population from 1900 to 2025

Water consumption and world population from 1900 to 2025
SAM study: Water - the market of the future, Figure 6, Page 10

Every year, 400 - 500 billion USD are spent on provision, conditioning and purification of water, the demand such activities increasing steadily. Globally, residential water management accounts for 10% of water usage, agriculture for 70%, and industry for 20%.

All this requires sustained filtration for the future, like the sort offered by us.

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